November 28th, 2004


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Watching Return of the King with parents and lilymc:

GONDORIAN SOLDIERS: Is Rohan going to show up, or are we on our own?

GANDALF: Um. No? I mean, courage! Courage is the best defense you have now!

GONDORIAN SOLDIERS: *looking at each other* We're screwed.

Outside: *Rohirrim appear dramatically over the horizon*

THEODEN: Let's kick some Orc butt. *speechifies*

LITTLESTSIS: Oh! It's that scene!

ME: Dad! Death!

DAD: *in kitchen* Oh! Coming! *returns, with sandwich*

Five Seconds Later:

ALL: Deeeaaaaaaaaatth!

Bwahah. See? Geekiness *is* genetic. ;)
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