November 23rd, 2004


The morning thus far:

5:35 - get up, eat breakfast, get dressed, have tea

7:02 - leave building for bus

7:03 - reach intersection of 10th and 6th; gape at unbelievably long line of Westbound cars stretching as far as the eye can see in both directions, while the Eastbound lane is moving fairly smoothly

7:03:30 - decide to take Eastbound bus to Braid rather than Westbound to 22nd Street

7:04 - reach bus stop

7:11 - Westbound bus reaches stop on other side of street

7:23 - Westbound bus still sitting ten feet from stop

7:37 - Westbound bus now sitting twenty feet from stop

7:44 - people start walking up the road from Westbound stop

7:54 - I glance at my watch, realize that even if the bus comes now I'll be twenty minutes late for class, and walk back to my building

8:02 - I get home, change back into jammies, and turn on Stargate


I figure I'll stay here and write my paper instead. But ye gods, what is up with the traffic? It's usually bad in the mornings, but never *this* bad. o.O

On the subject of my paper: I was all worried about having done virtually no prep work, but it turns out that it only has to be 6 pages long. So. Yeah. I'm good. :)
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A bluejay just landed on my balcony railing and looked at me. He then twitched and inspected by plants for a minute or so. He took off before I could get to my camera, but I just looked again and he left two muddy little bird-prints on the railing. :)
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Can't even believe I forgot to mention this, but: the new Superstore in Maple Meadows? Has Double-Coat Tim Tams! Rapture! Joy! The other Superstore only ever had Originals and the new one has them for 2.49, which is amazing because that's a reasonable, comparable price to the price in their native land, and everywhere else they're always close to five dollars. Fortunately Unfortunately, Dad was with me when I discovered this. He bought four packages and one Caramel, presumably to pacify Mum. She's the only one who likes the Caramel ones. I bought two. I have Double-Coats in my fridge again! *happy*

Okay. Working now. Archaeology has stupid citation format. Stupid. Stupid Archaeology. >.
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Just when you thought it was over...

KYIV, UKRAINE - Leonid Kuchma, the departing president of Ukraine, issued a statement late Tuesday calling for negotiations to end a mounting civil protest over allegedly rigged vote-counting in Sunday's presidential election.
...Tens of thousands of demonstrators marched on the Ukrainian parliament to protest the commission's declaration that Yanukovich earned 49.42 per cent of the vote to Yushchenko's 46.70 per cent.

...sound familiar, anyone?

Canadian reaction: major protests in the streets, big names making outraged statements on the news, calls by the PM for an investigation

American reaction: official statement emphatically recommending that nobody certify any results, and that the government enthusiastically back the accused fake, and quick, burn the evidence before the Canadians get here

...and the world over, ironymeters exploded loudly and with great violence.

So... um... why didn't North Americans get more upset like this when... you know what? Never mind. Too easy. *headshake*
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