November 13th, 2004


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Brent Spiner is a whore. No, really. Observe evidence from tonight's Enterprise, which tragically, was the only thing on:

Proto-Sung: Perfecting Humanity... maybe it's not possible.
Archer: *cynical glare*
Proto-Sung:, cybernetics... artificial life forms...
Archer: *rolls eyes, walks away*
Proto-Sung: *now talking to himself* Probably won't finish the work myself... might take a few generations.

UPN: A special three-part Enterprise event, starting this Friday.
Me: Wow. New. And exciting. And totally unlike the last special three-part Enterprise event that you JUST FINISHED.

I still maintain that the entirety of this series will either become a deeply-classified Federation file whose contents are known only to Section 31, or that it turns out to be someone's bizarre fever-dream. Or a vision of the Prophets sent to Jake Sisko. Or a class exercise for Interdimensional!Wesley. Because at this rate the Federation's never even going to exist, let alone become the harmless laughing-stock of the Milky Way.

TV: Atlantis may indeed exist.
Me: *channelling thirteen-year-old self* Yay!
TV: But Atlantis may not *actually* exist.
Me: Buzzkill.
TV: But then again, it might.
Me: ...what?
TV: Or maybe not. We're not promising anything.
Me: Gyaghshutupshutup my brain! O.O
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