November 10th, 2004


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Stayed between classes to finish stupid book for essay due Friday but cannot concentrate, because it is boring, bleargh, and keeps making me sleepy. Would go home and skip second class but have to hand in exam, yuck. And then have to rush on trip home because need to stop for groceries, but must not miss Lost!

Have caught up on LJ. Am bored.

Bored bored bored.

Uninspired and bored. Gah.

Um... NaNo...? Hmm.

EDIT: Well, have checked, classes are all still open, albeit by narrow margins, in some cases. *twitches* Part of me wants it to be next week so this can be over with - the rest of me rails violently against the notion 'cause I haven't really started my Friday paper, yet.

Still have an hour to kill. >.
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Um. 9pm Wednesday. Do I even have to say Collapse )

Also, that IKEA commercial with the old lady not dying so she can stay with the furniture? Is still the tackiest thing ever, but does not make me want those comforters any less.

EDIT: I'm in favour of the Luke/Lorelai thing, I really am, and Jonathan is still a Yale newspaper editor, but can I just take this occasion to say ohgodsohgodsohgodsnoRory'shair. :P

But *snicker* Luke and Lorelai's parents.

And I want Rory's dress, but in green. She's even wearing slippers! :D

And... damn. I think Logan's growing on me. o.O
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