November 9th, 2004


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Eee! Demons of Air and Darkness!

I love the Iconian episodes. Quick survey: how many times were Iconians brought up in canon? I remember seeing reference in the Relaunch books, but other than that I only remember two, only one for certain.

Aaand the interesting thing will be the statistical survey of geekiness that will be the number of commenters that recognize "Iconian" with no other context than that episode title. ;)
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Have done take-home, have not finished reading, but that can keep 'til next week. Have not finished stupid Roberts book, but must do it and mostly finish paper tomorrow because have to do reading of ENTIRE STUPID OTHER NOVEL for Friday because he pushed things up so must read Thursday 'cause I have whole day off 'cause of poppies, and stuff.

Urgh. Then next week have to register. If the classes on the schedule I set up are still open. I should look so I can prepare but I'm scared to look. Urgh.
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