November 4th, 2004


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Open the gates
And seize the day
Don't be afraid
And don't delay
Nothing can break us
No one can make us
Give our rights away
Arise, and seize the day...

Aww... David-singing makes me both sad and happy, the latter 'cause it's David and it's Newsies!

Which I still don't have. Hrm. *ponders* I will perhaps get it. I should not get it, as I am broke, but I really, really want it, and Newsies never fails to make me happy. Pretty choreographed boys singing and dancing! And fighting the power! And harmonizing! Kim! Come over after class and watch it with me? Will not be home. Will be in class 'til 4:20, potentially. Txt-message me if urgent. (Can do that off my profile.) :D
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Now have Newsies!

Am not ashamed. Is a FANTASTIC movie, among best ever, in universe. :P

Had to go to Metrotown, as Lougheed is stupid and has nothing. Guy in HMV recognized me and asked me how I was doing and used my name. Did not recognize him. Hate when that happens. Happens not infrequently as have blocked out ninety percent of names of graduating class.

Finished Last Exile. Am sad. :(

Am going to burn it for lilymc, as soon as I have CDRs, 'cause it's pretty and there's magic and people who look like elves and she'll love it. :)

Going to Future Shop tomorrow, anyway, go get MP3 player fixed.

Have dropped prepositions. Bad sign. Will water plants now and read books with grammar.
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