November 3rd, 2004


Just... *sigh*

So, it's over.

Y'know, I am aware that the Bush win does not automatically equal the end of the world - though it does certainly heap a few hundred more weights on that side of the scale - but this is just heartbreaking. It's not that he's the antichrist, it's just that I'm not entirely certain I can weather another four years of what's been going on the last four years, emotionally. The Liberal government in B.C. is bad enough, and that's entirely limited to within our borders. And here religion and backwards (yes, BACKWARDS and I'm not budging on that) bigoted objections are not an acceptable democratic consideration. Here we vote with our wallets, apparently, which still SUCKS, but is at least in the right ball park in terms of what you should and should not be thinking about while voting for a political leader.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am angry about those eleven states. I mean, what the FUCK were you people thinking? I have deep pity and sympathy for the poor, poor Americans in those states that voted against a provision that by its very nature is against what the country is supposed to stand for, then looked around and realized that at least fifty-one percent of their compatriots were more hateful of a group of citizens politically equal to them for no good reason than concerned about the economic, environmental, and intellectual welfare of their nation as a whole. I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry, and it's not just for the gay marriage thing, though that's enough, really.

Four more years of the administration of the most influential nation on earth radiating hate, obnoxiousness, ignorance, and mediocrity. As if there weren't enough everywhere else. But my pity is with the voters, especially those voting for their first time. I know what it's like to suddenly realize that your vote is in a minority and to feel like everyone around you just doesn't get it. I rather clearly remember that clutch of despair and helplessness from the first year I voted, and the scale of that vote was miniscule in comparison to this. To look around and think, oh, gods, how can anyone think this way? And to realize that while the world probably isn't going to come to an end right now, enduring four more years of that might be worse. America will probably survive. But she will not emerge better for it, and neither will the rest of the world, unless we finally turn our backs on the States altogether, which is rather unlikely. Economic stranglehold, and all.

My sympathies, America.

P.S. I know many people are sick of hearing this, but for anyone seriously considering a move North, I offer info on temporary Work Permits, Study Permits, and the different Immigration Classes.
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It's quite cold today - at least up on the mountain. I went to class this afternoon and came home between classes just for a warmer coat. *shiver*

Poppies are out, people. I was annoyed last year, not because of Rememberance Day or the shinies or any of that stuff, but because as we stood at the cenitaph last year as we do every year, some fawning asshat Conservative municipal bureaucrat rambled about supporting Bush. Kinda put a damper on the whole thing, for me.

So yes, it's poppy time. Bought mine this afternoon, and remind me again why we turned the centres black? I liked them better green, personally. I am rambling. But the nice old Legion ladies smiled at me and one of them had an "Anyone But Bush 2004" button and that cheered me up a little.

It also reminded me that the tone of Rememberance Day this year might be a tad different. *dark look*

Have class, must go. Must not forget to stop for groceries on the way home.
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Jonathan is on Gilmore Girls! As a nerdy Yale newspaper editor! With floppy hair! And cursing! *goggle*
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