September 22nd, 2004


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My middlelittlesis is a plague maiden. She has given me her horriffic disease. I am all swollen and coughy and I am going to kill her when I get the chance. (I might not have to. >.<) I feel worse now than I did Monday. But I can't miss class again. I can't! I shouldn't... right? Argh. I could go to the clinic for real drugs but the one down the street frightens me. It is a chain. A chain clinic. o.O

Damnit, I don't have *time* to be sick. I have a paper and a reading-response-questions thingy to do for Friday. Friday! And I haven't done all the readings for either. Stop being sick immediately! *admonishes immune system*

EDIT: Yes, I watched Lost. Dom is a rock star? *snicker* Also, my money's on dinosaurs rather than King Kong. Any other theories?
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The week in review (because I think academically it's more or less over, augh).

Okay, so I emailed the TA from my HIST 316 class, and I have 'til Monday (or longer, if I need it, within reason, he tells me) to get my Flora Thompson paper in, which is good because I haven't actually finished reading/note-taking from the book, yet. My notes thus far are significantly lacking in dimension, as I read best at night with no distraction and let's face it, note-taking is a distraction. Damnit.

This is less good because I have 'til Wednesday to find/watch/note-take from that bloody video I missed, and I have to go out to VPL to find *that*, and I have questions from the Funeral Oration by Pericles to answer for Friday due in the second tutorial of the day, the first I am not attending because I am dying/have not finished the assignment and have gotten an extension/can watch it on the web, gods bless digital lecture recording/WebCT/the internet.

So tonight I do the Pericles thing, and tomorrow I read Thompson, and Friday after tutorial I go to VPL, argh, and Saturday I arrange my Thompson notes/watch the stupid video, and Sunday I write my Thompson paper, and Monday before class I do the video paper.

'Course, for all this to work, I have to get a doctor's note. Well, I still felt like crap this morning... we'll see about tomorrow. I wonder if it still counts if I was sick long enough for it to bugger up my schedule but didn't get to the clinic in time for the doctor to actually witness my illness...

...come on, bacterium: one more day. Can you do that? I think you owe me. *glare*

PS: I saw perfectly broken-in red-brown real-live Docs at the Salvation Army, and they were a size and a half too big. I am heartbroken. :(
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