September 4th, 2004


Huzzah! I am insured!

And for seven dollars less than at my last place, hah. ^.^

School starts... Tuesday? I have no books. I do, however, vaguely recall where my classes are, so I guess that puts me one up. When lilymc and I went up there to, among other things, find my classes (also got my ID and my UPass, yay ;), they were filming Battlestar Galactica. They're doing a series. I was all excited and planning-to-break-into-the-set-y until I remembered *watching* the miniseries remake of the original series off which they plan to base this new series. And what it was like. And how they killed all the Look-We-Have-a-Universe ambiance. And how they made Starbuck a chick. *still can't quite let that go* But there were broken chunks of concrete and leaves on the stairs in the concourse and they were running a wind machine so I assume it was the destruction of the Twelve Colonies they were filming. Please, benevolent deities, let them allow the main characters retain their original genders in this incarnation of the show. *glare/hopeful look*

Probably going to see Hero tomorrow, with Dad because he wants to see it, so probably for free, which is of course the preferred option as I am at minus dollar level until mid-September when my loans finally show up. (Bizarrely, my tuition is not due until the seventeenth, as in after my loans arrive, the practicality of which has still got my mind spinning, as it is decidedly unlike post-secondary institutions in general and SFU in particular to do anything even remotely practical. I'm sort of expecting some kind of near-apocalyptic event to occur some time in the next two weeks to counteract this unnatural practicality. It will probably involve locusts. Or possibly winged monkeys.

Aside: *blinks at TV* Really, why did the girl Transformer have to be pink? *shakes head in bewilderment*

I am apparently once again serving as Computer Guru. The title is less impressive when you consider that the people for which I am Guru-ing are generally impressed by such inspired insight as "Is it plugged in? No? Try that, then." and respond with god-like worship, laying victuals and wreathes of flowers and the souls of babies at my feet, to advice like "try turning it *on*". And these are people younger than me, who if anything have less excuse for technological ineptness than my dorm-mates in first year. The problem with Idiot Proof, I find in general, is that it tends to be either too proof, making it impossible for anyone at all aware of whatthehellthey'redoing do accomplish anything, or not proof enough.

Huh. Look. The good robots beat the bad robots. Didn't see that coming. Should probably go to bed while the Universe is balanced away from the Dark Side. Y'know. Quit while I'm ahead.
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My Froot Loops have a Tony the Tiger-shaped electric toothbrush in them. I have my doubts about the damn thing's effectiveness, obviously. (It's orange and shaped like a cartoon tiger. I mean, really. o.O) Also, there's something fundamentally ironic about Froot Loops giving me a device intended to *prevent* tooth decay. Isn't there?

Watching Ninja Turtles remake. Miss the way Saturday morning cartoons used to be, but enjoying nonetheless.
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