July 29th, 2004


Pre-Dexcon post:

It's funny where actors end up, really. Like, Shepherd Book is the Floaty Head from Teen Angel, and the current Big Evil in Invisible man may or may not be Al from Quantum Leap. *shakes head* Strange.

Finishing final paper for European History (there's something to be said for being the teacher's pet one of very few literate people in the class; he is totally flubbing my final mark and letting me off the real last test - he just gave me a 500-word essay question to e-mail him before I go), then packing, then showering, then backing up files. Then hopefully Dad will arrive more or less on time, and then I will be at the airport, and eventually I will board a plane and then, la, at stupid o'clock (not intentional, actually, stupid bloody student fares), I will arrive in Toronto. *reminded, rifles for directions*

Okay. Almost done. Almostdonealmostdone, one paper to write the day I get back, and then two exams, and then NOTHING! BWAHAHAH!

And then Paul comes on the 7th. :)

Okay. Have to finish this or will fail course and that would suck. *bouncebouncebouncecan'tconcentrate*

(I am excited. ;)
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