July 26th, 2004


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The Patriot Act is now being used to KILL FANDOM. They are now going after ficwriters and archivists as, ooh, terrorists and conspirators.

So fucking scary, not in the least 'cause this is the closest to home yet horrible manipulation/bastardization of American laws.

*is buying a t-shirt*, 'cause *my* province's laws prevent you getting at my records in secret, you evil fuckers.

EDIT: *kicks PayPal impatiently* I use this account so infrequently that I can never remember the password. And it is being Very Slow sending it to me.
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It has never, ever in my life taken me this long to register.

I am done. My classes suck, but for one that looks vaguely interesting but alas, is not especially useful. But I'm taking them, because if I don't have them I get kicked out, and then I don't live 'til next semester when I might get a slightly less intensely shitty date that will not again send me through THIS.

Okay, they don't suck *that* badly. But in the first semester of what is technically my third year I am taking only one 300-level class. The others are two 200-level and out of desperation, one 100-level. I wouldn't mind so much about this if I had come about these classes intentionally, but as by the time I was let in to enroll just about everyone else in the known Universe had already gone through them, I ended up with my fourth or fifth choices in just about everything. Gods, I hate this government. And everybody, right now.

Anyway. In case anyone's actually curious, Collapse )

Gods, I hate this semester already. (Would you believe not ONE English? Nothing above 100-level, anyway, and nothing at 200-level I hadn't already taken. They're all plotting against me. :( )

And now I have to write a paper, too, damnit. >.
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(no subject)

And as every year, I am wildly jealous of everyone who managed to attend the San Diego ComicCon.

Am now watching bits of it on Space. The SG-1 and Atlantis casts are trashing one another to reporters. *snicker*

And oh, gods, they're making/have made (?) The Fantastic Four? Why didn't I know about this?

*sigh* I was actually having this conversation with someone Saturday. It was only a matter of time 'til all the big Marvel titles were Gotten.

Okay, I don't know. I haven't seen it. I'm judging by the others. *repeat sigh*
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I have comitted genocide. *sober face*

There were two pieces of tupperware living in the fridge in the old place with Things living in them. They started out leftovers and ended up unpronouncable and Developing Language Skills. Eventually we were afraid to open them, approach them, or look at them funny. When we finished cleaning up the place, Mum found them, made great big loud noises of Indignance, and set to cleaning them out with Mum-like gusto. I brought them home.

They still smelled like Things. So I bleached them. Then I washed them. Then I bleached them a few more times.

I have killed the smell! *dance*

Also, my chives are almost an inch high. :) And I took my shelves apart so now I have a long shelfy table instead, and a space for the scanner, in theory, in future.

And the buds on my rose seem to be... growing back? Is that possible? I'm pretty sure it's not. (Mutant rose! Neat! I wonder what else it can do? So long as it doesn't grow into the house and try to throttle me.)

(I have no idea who's going to water my plants while I'm gone. In this weather they need to be watered every day, and I'm not sure anybody's going to be here to do that. I was going to leave them all with Mum, but she's going back East soon after I leave, and nobody else in my family is responsible enough to take care of them.)

Okay... studying for make-up exam now. Then outlining final paper for same class. Then studying for lab exam Thursday. Then not even pretending to think about school again 'til after Dexcon.
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Feed them to dingoes!

I guess Outback Jack must be extremely female-deprived to subject himself to this debacle, but it just seems more expedient to me to interview them each, one at a time, then leave the rest out in the bush to let nature (and Dingoes) take its course.

But maybe that's just me.

(Wow, I've posted a lot today. See? Nervous breakdown. I told you.)
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