July 24th, 2004


My gods, I cannot wait 'til September.

This weather is Crappy. No, that's not a strong enough word. This weather is... evil? Hellish? Deathly?

Anyway, today was the field trip. Which was not From Hell save for the Horrible Scorching Death Heat, mitigated only by our repeated ability to douse ourselves in frigid glacial streams. Ah, BC, where every watercourse is freezing, all year, no waiting. We trekked (mostly in a bright yellow school bus) up from Coquitlam to almost-Whistler, looking at rocks, taking pictures of rocks, talking about rocks. Lovely. Very pretty, very interesting, except for the Heat.

(Here's a way to tell if it's too hot: if you plunge yourself head-and-shoulders into a fast-running stream, and you're dry again before you reach the bus? Then it is TOO HOT.)

Anyway. Am home, survived, yay. Um... watered my plants. And something took all the buds from my little rose plant! They did not wither and fall off: there was one about to open yesterday, and it was the only one remaining, sitting on the balcony next to the pot. It seems to have been cut. The others? A mystery. They are simply Gone. Is there some kind of bird or freakishly large insect that preys on rosebuds? o.O

But... my chives are sprouting! Hurrah! And much sooner than they should be, too. *beams* I need other things to plant in the other two pots... Stephanie? Is 4:15pm Tuesday a good time for me to take advantage of your offer of marigolds?

Tomorrow must timetable my classes and outline my final First Nations-Settler Relations paper. (groundskeeper? I'm being carried off to my parents' tonight. So when you call, that's probably where I'll be.) Must finish both this paper (due the day after I get back from Toronto) and the one for my other history class (due three days after) next week. Must. Also have one make-up exam for the Other history class to do Tuesday (which makes me think, uh, Steph, it might be a bit later), one lab exam to do for Geology on Thursday, one pointless computer class quiz and one pointless computer class assignment for Wednesday, and... uh... hey! That's it!

The year is almost over. *sigh of intense relief*

Okay. Shower, pack, and off I go. I smell all sunscreeny. :P
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