July 23rd, 2004


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I am done with the old place. For ever and ever and ever and ever and I am never, ever going back. In fact, once I get my buy-in back from Kim, I never have to think about it again. Hah.

Yeah, we finished patching/painting, but not 'til around eleven, and I went straight home and instead of writing my paper, passed out. So now I must skip out on my first two classes as soon as I've handed in the assignment for one and picked up the assignment for the other, and go home and write the paper, and then pass out again for another hour or so, because otherwise I will fall asleep in class. I am so very, very tired and equally glad that the paper only has to be three pages single-spaced rambling about the museum trip. The take home exam is, of course, about seven pages, and I think that by the time I get to Dexcon I might already be dead, which is unfortunate, because that doesn't usually happen 'til *after* Dexcon.

And I still don't have a dress. Curses. >.<

Note to self: Powerpoint make-up quiz next week.

Okay. Leaving now. (On the plus side, the #97 seems to be back on its proper route. So I don't have to walk six blocks in the blazing sun to get home. Yay.)
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Current temperature: 25 C, with 61% humidity. Therefore, feels like 31.

Another paper done. Two to go.

Want to go swimming. Nowhere to go swimming. Or maybe, but no time to go swimming. Damnit, I *will* do at least one of those papers Sunday, 'cause I can't do them Monday, 'cause that's class reg day, and I will be recovering from my nervous breakdown all day.

Field trip tomorrow. Note to self: stop at IGA on way home for supplies.

I hate this weather. This weather is STUPID. This weather needs to be beaten with a stick, if you can beat an intangible climatological phenomenon.


I bet I could find a way. >.
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