July 21st, 2004


And this week: prelude to Final Paper Head Explodey Week.

I still find Gilmore Girls very amusing. Downright Joss-like dialogue. And this whoever-they-are band is good. Hrm.

Anyway. One paper left due this week. One due next week, two more to do next week before Friday. It didn't hit me 'til this morning that Dexcon is next weekend. Oh, gods. And I haven't finished my dress yet (or, uh, started it). I should do that.

So tomorrow I must first get up early and study for the test in the class I have been neglecting the third-most this semester, after Stupid Computers, Geology, and before my Other History. With luck I shall scrape up a high B, and I don't really care that much, especially since after Post-Revelation Jeopardy on Tuesday I get an extra five bonus points. I will finish this in time to go to the mall, get a scrapey-thing for applying filler, and go to the library and get myself a card so they'll let me steal borrow their books.

I must stay after class to finish my Geology lab, but not too long, because then I must go to the Shithole That Was My Old Apartment and patch the walls, which strikes me as deeply pointless as in about another month the walls are going to melt and crumble into mushy heaps the next time it rains, because the place is a Shit Hole, and therefore any effort to make the place appear palatable are both self-defeating and vaguely dishonest. (Want to be finished with the Place That Leaks Profusely, now, without any more of this, damnit, and can't wait 'til tomorrow's over. New Place Way Above the Street with the Plants is muchmuch better. ^.^) After that, I must dash home and finish my second-to-last First Nations-Settler Relations paper.

Oh, gods, an ad for Joey. It somehow manages to look worse than I imagined it, and that is quite a feat.

Doing nothing else Friday, because that day a paper and a project are due (in different classes), or Saturday, because that day I'll be gone slightly over twelve hours on a Geology field trip to Pemberton/Squamish/etcetera to look at rocks.

Sunday the Head Explodeyness begins. I have to write three papers next week, two of them take-home exams, before Friday, because I leave Friday, and at some point in that week I must also make my dress.


My brain hurts.

In today's news: Lots of Canadians use marijuana. More Canadians admit to using it than did twenty years ago. Also news: more teenagers use pot than any other age group.

And get this: more British Columbians use marijuana than any other Canadians.



That's a crack team of investigators you've got there, Mr. Dosanjh. *eyeroll*

Ow. Weird shoulder stitch. I think there was so much sarcasm in that last line that I actually hurt myself. o.O
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