July 12th, 2004


I'm here!

I am moved in. Well, mostly. Would be more excited about it if the foot of my bed weren't three feet deep in boxes. But most of it's out.

Um... am hopefully going out to SFU tomorrow morning. Lost Nadja somehow today... will with any luck nab her tomorrow.

Okay, so I have very little of note to say right now.

I guess I should be unpacking.

All right, then.
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What is it with me and air attacks lately?

Last night, whilst putting away the groceries, I was attacked by a giant killer moth. I had closed the balcony door and left the window open a crack because it is summer and I have no screens (I swear that made more sense in my head). The moth appeared as if from nowhere and descended upon me like flappy winged death. It then proceeded to initiate a series of diving attack. It was flying a little drunkenly, I think out of confusion. I don't know. I opened the balcony door and chased it around with a bit of cardboard for about ten minutes, trying to convince it to go back outside, but to no avail; I lost him somewhere around the heat register, and I gave up and went to bed. I figured he'd crawled in there and died.

This morning, I went to the cup of pens/scissors/rulers/pencils/etcetera to get a pair of scissors. As I grasped the handles, there was a fluttering noise, and then the moth burst from the pen cup, dove to the carpet, rolled under the curtain like some kind of commando, and made good his escape out the balcony door, which is now open.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he escaped without being horribly squished (though I bear him some malice for the ten-minute chase last night, as the result of which I now bear several itty bitty bruises on my right knee). I just wish he could have done that last night when I asked him the first time. Politely, even.

Now I'm going to have a talk with the various creepy crawlies possibly inhabiting my new apartment. There are always some. (You're never more than four feet away from a spider.) The terms of the truce simply involve my a) not seeing them building houses inside the walls and b) not being placed in a situation where I might step on one of them barefoot. Aside from that, I'll leave them be. Really.

My house is so bright. *grins* I woke up at 7:30 this morning 'cause the place was so bright it felt like ten or eleven. This might seem like a bad thing, but actually it's good. I mean, I just fall right back to sleep, and really, I should get up earlier on a regular basis, anyway. *nods*

Okay. Nadja coming. Must do some reading. Have paper due on... oh, gods. *headdesk*

EDIT: My phone line? Can dial out, but not in. If anybody desperately needs to get ahold of me, my cell will of course be on.

SECOND EDIT: My bursary came! $600.00. Yay. ^.^
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