July 6th, 2004


I got the place!

She said I can move in "on or around" the fifteenth. So tonight I call what utilities are still reachable after five, and tell them I'm moving, and to move my service, and tomorrow I go after class and give her my security deposit and my half-month's rent, and if my deadbeat sister ever shows up with the damn boxes (and my *money*), I can pack. And possibly Friday I will get around to setting up Hydro, which is currently not in my name. Hrm.

And now... still have seminar presentation to outline.

EDIT: Will post move-date as soon as I've got it: probably tomorrow or the day after. To everyone I have helped move in the past five years? I own your souls. Especially if you have cars.

REPEAT EDIT: *pines for shoebox_project*


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