July 5th, 2004


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I was at the theatre today, and they still have the Sirius lampost up. I almost stole it. Again. It's not even fastened to the floor! But there were too many obstacle-people between me and the door and anyway how would I get it on the bus...

...oh, JenJen? I don't suppose your Silvercity still has one... I don't know... just lying around? That they wouldn't miss terribly? Because I would be forever grateful and obligated to supply you with chocolate on demand. ;)

Am loving shoebox_project to a degree beyond words. Well. Not quite. But. *love* Recommend to everyone, everywhere.

And should definitely not be writing So Weird/Buffyverse/Paxverse fic right now, because have annotated bibliography for history paper due tomorrow and have done no research, and have seminar Wednesday and have not even read the article, even if mik100 made me watch Wild at Heart and I want to write more Happy Oz to make myself feel better. Stupid Oz. *makes face*

No! Must do legitimate academic things. Must!
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Trying to kill me for the rent money...

Five minutes ago:

Roommate: (appearing in doorway) Hey! You're little.
Me: Uh... yes?
Roommate: Come stick your head inside the oven.
Me: ...
Roommate: I've been cleaning it and I need you to see if I got it all.
Me: Just to clarify, this involves me sticking my *head* inside the *oven*?
Roommate: Oh, just--
Me: I seem to remember hearing this spiel before... I believe from a wicked old witch in a gingerbread cottage?
Roommate: Just come *on*! (turning on heel and heading for the kitchen)
Me: (getting up) Still, sticking my *head* inside the *oven*.
Roommate: Oh, I'm not trying to kill you. If I was going to kill you, I could come up with something much better than that.

EDIT, five minutes later:

Me: (typing/reading shoebox_project)
Roommate: *bounces into room*
Me: What?
Roommate: *bounce, bounce, jingle, jingle*
Me: *blink*
Roommate: *waves something in her hand which is apparently a bracelet she lost a month ago*
Me: So you found it, then.
Roommate: *face of glee* Yay!
Me: Yay!
Roommate: *bounces out again*

See? Housework causes insanity. *nods*
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