July 1st, 2004


One hundred years of gender equality movements circling the drain.

Spotted this on nostalgia_lj's journal:

Thousands of American doctors and pharmacists refuse to prescribe/distribute birth-control pills.

Okay. Personal thoughts. One: No brainwaves, no human. Two: Ovarian cancer? Acute cramps? Hello? Three: Oh, yeah. North America needs *more* uncontrolled pregnancies.


(I wonder how this will affect pharmecutical smuggling between Canada and the U.S.)

I am so scared of all this "grass-roots" puritanical garbage. These people want no sex-ed, no birth control, and no abortions. But a healthy, supposedly happy population? Uh. Okay. o.O
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Before I forget...

...because where I live is stupid and lame and unpatriotic (and apparently REPUBLICAN *disgusted glare*), Happy Canada Day.

Though apparently they cancelled all the nifty fireworks because us Vancouverites can't see shiny colourful fire in the sky without erupting into drunken rioting, and they can't afford the cops to deal with it this year.

I can't decide which part of that disturbs me more. o.O

Must make apartment-looking appointments for tomorrow.
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