June 28th, 2004


Attention: Canadian LJers.


As of right now, you have this long to vote:

BC/Yukon: eight hours, forty minutes

Alberta/Saskatchewan/some of NWT: seven hours, forty minutes

Manitoba/the rest of NWT/some of Nunavut: six hours, forty minutes

Ontario/Quebec/New Brunswick/the rest of Nunavut: five hours, forty minutes

Nova Scotia/PEI: four hours, forty minutes (Go! Go! Go!)

Newfoundland: four hours, ten minutes, because Newfoundland has one extra weird half-hour.

My advice: Get off your ass, walk the four blocks to the polling station, and vote. It makes you look much less stupid when you complain about the government later. (Not *un*stupid, but *less* stupid than you might otherwise appear.)

Also, if you do not vote, I will hunt you down.

Thank you. (This has been a public service announcement.)

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There are suddenly many, many, many sirens racing up and down the street outside.

Were the ridings finished counting, I'd be able to tell you whether they had anything to do with the Apocalypse, and whether to blame Conservative-induced panic.

*bites nails*

In other news, goSFU has acknowledged all my credits (at least all the ones I sent them). So... so I should be in, now, right?

'Cause I should be in. 'Cause you've got everything, right?

I only ask because I need a proper student number before I can even apply for Fall loans. And if you idiots delay any longer I'm going to have a severe Rent Issue. *glares*

Should know by... uh... tomorrow? Wednesday? *sigh*
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It's almost over.

Current Numbers a la CBC:
Liberals: 137
Republicans Conservatives: 95
Bloc: 54
NDP: 21 (*pout*)
Other: 1

And they're re-counting Nunavut, for some reason.

Well, I'm disappointed. Not terrified/appalled as I might have been, had the Conservatives won a few dozen more ridings.

Also, the Marxist-Leninist had almost a one-seat lead in the first two hours, in Ontario, for about ten minutes. We just thought that was... well, cute. *pats the Marxist-Leninists* I've never quite understood why we need Marxist-Leninists *and* Communists. Maybe 'cause the MLs webpage is so unbearably, eye-gougingly hideous.

I have to say, however, that my province sucks. That's right. British Columbia, having just about the most of all the people the Conservatives hate the most, voted mostly Conservative, and therefore sucks. And especially SCREW YOU, Dewdney-Alouette. >.<

I'm so disgusted with us, though. I just know that Harper's going to be parading this around as if we support him. "Look, look how much British Columbians love us." Well not *this* British Columbian, asshole. Blah. It's frankly embarassing.

I really, really want to see the survey of who voted by age group. I can't do a properly detailed rant until I know who to blame (they haven't even finished *counting* yet; our province is slow).

But bear in mind my earlier warning. *ominous glare*

(I also really, *really* want to know how many 18-25s voted this time 'round.)

Stupid, stupid BC. *makes face at province* Shame on you.

But the thing to keep in mind? It's not my fault. I voted NDP, and the Conservatives still didn't win.

*waits for Rick Mercer to return with witty uplifting sarcasm*
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BC Polls Reporting: 6,553/7,818.
BC Voter Turnout: 1,404,861 of 2,713,421 registered electors, or 51.8%, not counting people who registered at the polls.

Gods we SUCK. >.
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