June 11th, 2004


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I have a quasi-paper due tomorrow. It's not really a paper, it's a "Reading Journal". It's one of those compare-and-contrast thingummies, where you read some things and then talk about them in text.

I haven't read the things. It's due tomorrow at... uh... two, I think.

I haven't read the things. I should probably read the things. It wants three pages single-spaced.

Gods, I'm a such a slacker this semester. Next Wednesday I've got three midterms and a project due. One of the midterms is a take-home, which means I should probably have done it already.


Going to see PoA again tomorrow evening. Want to watch carefully and actually pay attention to lines and what subtext they managed.

I should read the entire series, again. Keep getting fic-snippets but not a coherent whole, and need to re-absorb details. (Still hankering for recs on the Lily-James-and-Remus-and-possibly-Peter-sitting-around-agreeing-Remus-must-be-the-traitor. Any suggestions? Anyone?)

It is sad, the lengths to which I go, merely to procrastinate. If I put this much energy into something constructive, blah blah blah...

...wow. The guy in this car insurance commercial is *really* orange. o.O

Well, showing up in computer class tomorrow is unnecessary, and Geology lab's cancelled. Guess I can write the thing tomorrow.

Still have to read the things.

Going, going. :P
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