June 9th, 2004


Campaign signs counted while bus made its ponderous way down "Burquitlam" Hill:

In a ten-metre (or so) stretch of roadside grass:

Republicans Conservatives: 17
Liberals: 9
NDP: 5
Green: 1


It's a good thing I don't pay attention to campaign signs.

Unfortunately, a fair majority of the people who vote for the first and second groups, do: in fact a good number of them vote for the party that managed to get the greatest number of signs stuck in the ground. I heard at least six different people admit this, last election. Like, adults. With careers. And offspring. And mortages.

We're going to have a Bush-puppet. And he's not even French. And he hates students, old people, gay people, poor people, and children.

(We're all doomed. Anybody up for fleeing the country with me?)

I have three midterms on the same day, next week. Oh, good. That's wonderful. Also have a project due that day. Niiiice.

I'm going to die. :(
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I am probably spending way too much time thinking about this.

I've been writing Remus-and-Sirius conversation snatches. And other-people-about-Remus snatches. And one where the person who *suggested* it might be Remus (Order member, not Peter, though Peter encouraged it) apologizes to Remus. (I sketched that one. In class. Then I had to explain to seatmate that I was doing Harry Potter fanart and he laughed at me. :P) It's all very fanverse. And fun.

Except I suddenly have overwhelming urge to read/see the scene of James, Lily and Sirius (possibly with Peter present) sitting around a table, probably over booze, and agreeing Remus must be the traitor.

Unless there was just unspoken agreement. I guess that would be worse.

But I still want to see it/read it. I'd write it, but I can't quite yet envision it clearly enough.

Any recs?
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Why aren't we done talking about this, yet?

Know how they do those little clips of upcoming news broadcasts? Well, the lady on City just made a snarky comment about how we're the only province with untapped oil resources.

Yes. Because not destroying a massive marine ecosystem (which is the only example of the type still intact) for a completely unnecessary resource revenue is a bad thing.

I actually shouted "Shut up, whore!" and the people passing outside the window stopped and looked in at me funny.

Stupid whore. You and all your evil capitalist sugardaddies. :P

Republicans-who-were-Tories-who-are-now-"Conservatives" say they're going to scrap Kyoto.

And replace it with something "more nationally appropriate".

Sound familiar? *coughBushBitchcough*

Get this evil fuckhead *out* of my country. >.
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