June 1st, 2004


Semester's first "essay" due today at 2pm...

...haven't started yet. ;) "Essay" rather than Essay because it's 650 words and about staring at pictures.

I meant to get up earlier. I really did. I set the alarm for seven. Apparently I got up and changed the time for later when it went off, but I don't even remember doing it. o.O

Also have to give notice in co-op office today. Think I have to give written notice. What - "we're leaving, kthnxbye?" Probably more complex than that. Still don't know if Roommate is coming with me. Will have to get it out of her by one, because have to leave for class at one-thirty. Hope she comes. Place we looked at yesterday was nice, and whether we take that specific place or not, would be better all 'round if she did.

Anyway... should probably get down to my sixty-minute essay. Bet it won't take that long, though.
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