April 23rd, 2004


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Things I was supposed to do yesterday:

- Make appointment with Academic Advisor.
- Phone the Kathe woman, find out if AP transcript has shown up. If it has not, call AP and shout at them.
- Call SFU and find out where to send transcripts.
- Call CDIS and order transcript.
- Fax order for Xavier transcript.

See how much I didn't do? That's 'cause I suck. Finished costumes, though - not Simon-Vanna-little-cousins, 'cause they're apparently not coming anymore. But Roommate's and sister's friend's, who apparently also might not be coming. Ah, well. It's not like it was a whole lot of effort. catsclaws? Are you still coming? Kim's coming out in the morning on Saturday (we want to go around 10:00AM). You could meet her here if you still need a ride.

wixon's in town. Didn't know she was going to be. But all the way out in Van. Hrm.

Janine Garafello says right-wing radio and TV has seduced people's "inner Archie Bunker", and that's why people have gotten dumber in America. ;)
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Whee - four of five grades in, technically three of four as the Maths is a withdrawl. GPA says 3.6. One more class - hope it's a B+ or above, at least a B, to keep my GPA sufficiently above 3.5 to qualify for scholarships, 'cause came up a few hundred short for summer semester, curses. >.<

Must make phone calls and rattle the bureaucracy. Also call Terry - roof leaking again.
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