April 15th, 2004


Second-to-last Exam

Huh. That's weird. EnSci exam isn't 'til 11:30am? That seems... weird. Despite it being written in my agenda and on the site and in my notes as the correct time, still it seems... weird. Like it's not quite right, and I'll get there and the exam will be mostly over, and I'll be thinking I should have gone at 10am, and...

...and this may all be because my brain has itself set to get to school by ten, most days. Bah. Conditioning. Ah, well. I have an excuse, I guess. Already studied, though. Hmm. sunkistfriend? Am I going crazy?
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Three down, one to go.

Argh. English transfer issues. Idiot profs. Stupid useless...


...anyway. Done EnSci, not worried. Did not get paper back. Suppose he will email us?

One more exam. Have a few hundred pages of reading that I haven't done, also must fix my "epilogue" which apparently constitutes the essay question.

I saw a dam on the creek, walking home. Built of sticks. This concerns me, as it doesn't look like something the Ministry people would do, nor the volunteers, nor does it strike me as healthy for the stream. Think I will call the creek station and ask what the hell's going on. *nods*
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SFU e-mail finally showed up. Went to pay application fee with parental credit card. Clicked submit.

And then it just... sat there.

And then it told me there was a DNS error.

May I say most emphatically: fuck. >.<

And their office is closed, now, so I have to wait 'til tomorrow, and it might have gone through, but maybe not. And now the webportal's being all pissy and evasive, the evil piece of shit.

I hate computers. >.
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