April 5th, 2004


Wonderfalls got cancelled.

And I was only just getting into it. Last episode Jaye was talking to Bar Guy and they had this conversation:

Jaye: Your (ex) wife called.

Bar Guy: ...oh?

Jaye: She asked me who I was and I said you were servicing me sexually. Was that wrong?

Bar Guy: ...

It is an awesomely funny show! And I don't even know Bar Guy's name yet! And now I never will! *pouts*

I am angry. Sort of. I mean, it's good I didn't get too into it, I guess, 'cause that would be worse.

Still. What is it with networks trying to destroy all possible vestiges of the JossVerse? There barely *was* a MinearVerse. *bitterness*

Anyway. Went to see RotK with lisew. I love that she's being converted. It pleases me. ^.^

Okay. Must go pull one-minute presentation out of ass, now. Then sleep.

P.S. For those keeping count, that puts me at six viewings. Bwahah. :)
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Okay, so, damn. It was an all-nighter, after all. And now it's at that point where there's sort of no point going to sleep, 'cause you have to be up in two hours anyway, and... yeah. Okay. Damn. Guess I'll shower and... watch cartoons. Something. Grr.

But! This is the last thing I had to really do, before exams. Presentation this morning, presentation tomorrow, and then nothing! Just exams. La. :)

Should finish application to SFU. And damnit, damnit, damnit, forgot to look in garage for English syllabus. Argh. *foreheadsmack* Will have to beg Mum to do it for me, or something. Reallyreally need that this week or am screwed...
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Okay... did the application thing... seem to have gotten all the transfery/credity/numbery things in all right... but after I clicked "submit", it didn't ask me for any money.


Uh. Here's hoping they reply, soon. o.O
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