April 2nd, 2004


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Oh my gods, the gorgeous weather. It's nineteen out. I wore a skirt and sandals to school. ^.^

See, if it stays this way all summer (though I know it won't), I'll be happy. Breezy, sort of warm, sort of sunny.

This weekend: read Ignorant Armies, do epilogue, research for one-minute oral presentation in BC History, and go over Enviromental Science presentation on Saturday with sunkistfriend. And then... nothing! Just exams. And no final in Sociology. Discounting exams, I am officially running at an A- average. Yay. :D

The pansies I bought for mik100 died, or are about to. I think they're smothering in their pots. Kim! Plant them! If we need more flowers for the boxes, we can buy more. They're under a dollar apiece.

Okay. Reading.
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What the HELL is up with LJ today? And for that matter, yesterday? First it wouldn't load, now it keeps logging me out every time I shift pages. *grrr*