March 24th, 2004



...I am finished! Now just to prepare the oral presentation for this paper (for April 5), then only two more papers to go (one and one half, if you consider that one project is with a partner).

Only two more weeks of classes. Then can brain melt. *nods*

EDIT: I think we should protest the new Tim Hortons boxes. They are stupid and flimsy and flat and impossible to close and I think they only introduced them to mimic Krispy Kreme. We don't need to mimic stinkin' Krispy Kreme! I want the boxes with the handles back. (We should, like, complain.) >.<

And... dianahobart? I need Eisenmarche costume fabric. You up for a trip to the giant scary fabric store tomorrow? And possibly the grocery store? Kim insists I ask. :P

AGAIN EDIT: I don't want to jinx it, but...

...It's been raining all day and the roof isn't leaking. I think he may have actually fixed it! *tiny little dance*
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An infomercial.

On Space.

At 2AM.

On Space.


Did something horrible happen to CityTV while I wasn't looking? *scandalised gape*
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Growing green things, and far-reaching global conspiracies.

It's only one-thirty? Jesus. It's all dark and gloomy out. Except where there's the shiny-and-new green spring colour. Yee. :)

Have mobile back on ceiling - hook seems to be holding despite the long soak. Um... planted the pretty ground-cover I got last weekend under the big tree - the billion bugs seem to have evacuated since we pulled up the stupid ugly paving stones. Moved the purple pansies, 'cause they were getting squished by the rain. Now we need baskets for plants. And plastic dish-thingies for little planty-dudes going in the three-tiered basket-thing I got at Salvation Army - it's going in the living room. An indoor hanging basket. Yay. :) Then I just have to fix the fence, build the rectangley ledge-boxes for out front, and find pots for the drapey things we're putting on the bench on the patio. Yard. ^.^

Want to put furniture in the no-longer-leaky corner (am more or less secure now about the non-leaky status - had a serious five minutes of downpour and not a drop), but am less secure about bugs. Haven't seen any this week, but have been running heater on and off. Hmm.

Also, there is apparently some thinly-veiled mass recruiting going on by the eval sekrit cabal on nostalgia_lj's journal. As a shifty socialist with secret plans for the destruction of capitalism, I feel left out. Nobody recruited *me*. :(

Damn Commies, trying to make us be nice to each other. And bloody Jews, who are apparently controlling both capitalism and anti-captialism. That's so not fair on, like, other ethnic group. The Arabs meanwhile are content to just have an eval sekrit conspiracy to force their religion on us all, hence the stalwart attempts of Mr Bush to keep us all free from religious oppression by imposing a rigid narrow Christianity on America and then the WORLD OMG.


Learned unpleasant thing today. Have been learning about the peril that is the stupid settlement patterns of the Lower Mainland (almost entirely on floodplains along the Fraser) for two semesters, now. Learned only this morning that if we *had* the Big Flood, and Sumas Lake (that was drained in... uh... the 20s, I think, for farming) re-filled itself, it might reach over the Canada/U.S. border. In which case the Fraser and its entire watershed would suddenly become International Waters, and subject to the Big Stupid Extortion Water Treaty the Name of Which I Cannot Currently Remember, but threatens to hand over all our "surplus" surface water supplies to the greedy thirsty U.S. of A, which can't organize its damn stupid cities properly to be in reach of a freshwater supply.

It's just one more reason to become an outlaw. Hand the Fraser over to Bush? I don't *bloody* think so. Another reason is the threat of a Conservative Canadian government, which continues to terrify me down to my very soul. *shudder* Though in the case of Prime Minister Harper, I'd probably just flee the continent, 'cause Bush'd be up here with his hand up Harper's back so fast I don't think it would be worth staying. My UK passport should come through any day now, if those idiots ever answer Dad... >.<

Hey, listen: birds.
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Hmm. Is 6:20. No sign of roommate or dianahobart. Have they been kidnapped? Hope the ransom's not too steep. I need to save cash for Dexcon airfare.

Should write grocery list.

Have accomplished nothing constructive all day, save gardening. Meh. ;)
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