March 18th, 2004


Term Paper Death Watch (Courier New is my friend)

Subject: Sociology
Time Remaining: 13 hours
Accomplished: 13/12 pages
Mental State: Surprisingly stable

So, I have seventeen pages total, including bibliography and title page. I'm over the minimum (the official format said 12 - 20 pages), and I've got three more outline sections to translate into actual paper-speak. And I am... uh... skippingscienceinthemorning because I'll be finishing this for 4pm. But it will be finished. It might not even suck and get me failed. :)

Sleeping now. Getting up in six hours.
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Oh. By the way?

I caved and had dianahobart bid for me. (She wants the feedback point-things.) This is now mine. Mineminemine. In all its Ring-geeky glory. :)

The winning bidder, there? Isn't really. He wanked on the bid and now it is mineminemine... ^.^

I *am* going to bed. Be quiet. :P
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Term Paper Death Watch: "Make a note in the log..."

Subject: Sociology
Time Remaining: 4 hours
Accomplished: 15
Mental State: Yay!

"...death occurred at 12:15PM, stardate blahblahblahIneverdidfigureoutstardates." ;)

Now need just finish the reading, because the last sociology exam is today - and I'm not absolutely certain, but I don't think we actually *have* a final exam. If we do, anyway, it isn't up, yet.

Okay. Now... breakfast.
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