March 16th, 2004


Land lobsters. Sort of.

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Had another loud, general discussion with any prospective buggy-things in my room. A one-sided conversation, admittedly. Something along the lines of "do not allow it to become possible for me to step on you barefoot, and I will not kill you." I don't know if they were listening. I've been running a heater at the wall for the last five hours or so, though, and haven't seen one since (except the one I've got in a jar, anyway). Sigh.

And: finally got ahold of the AP people. The man on the other end and I had some trouble communicating given as I was using English and he was speaking New Jersey American. Also, the connection sucked, so that added to the fun. But I did find out what happened to my transcript: it was never sent. The idiot woman I talked to in October never sent it. And then he said that since the request was made so long ago I'd have to request it again, and I said "and *pay* for it again?" 'Cause $17 USD is a lot of money on my end. And he went away for a while, came back, asked me to hold on, went away for a while, and then came back and said that no, I don't have to pay for it again, and took down my info and the full addy with the advisor lady's name and they're sending it again. Yay. :)

Now all I need's my Xavier English, and I'm all set. ^.^
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Have Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Wish to watch it, but should be doing Soci paper. Rrg.
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