March 12th, 2004


It's nigh-on impossible to keep secrets among telepaths.

"If it had been a long time since Molly had last been present at two consecutive Assemblies, it had been even longer since she'd seen one from this vantage point. In fact, she'd only once occupied a Delegate seat at the round table - only once, and she'd hoped never to have the honour again."

Finished chapter eight of O, Brave New World, la. Pleased with self. Only one more chapter to go, then one more Buffyfic chapter, then the other fic. Yes. :)

Okay. Bed.
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*shock and elation*



I came home (in Ridge), and on the buffet there was a letter. From Douglas College. And thinking I had gotten all my form mail from them for this semester, I opened it with some puzzlement.

Dear Arien:

On behalf of the Douglas College Scholarship and Bursary Selection Committee, I am pleased to inform you that you have been awarded the Environmental Programs Bursary in the amount of $700...



Wow. Just. Wow. *beam* I really only did the big general application form. I didn't apply for anything specific, and... hee. I think I have Dr. Noah to thank for this. At least I *think* he's still on the selection committee. :)

(See? Being a more-or-less-socially-responsible person *does* get you places.)

Okay. Must write thank you letter now, as they seem to be soliciting one.

...and again: wow. ^.^
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The massive So Weird/Buffy/Paxverse uber-fic? I finally did a page count. It's over 173 pages. I'm actually really surprised. I did not think it was *that* long. I mean, okay, I've been writing it on and off for three years, but...

...sad that the obscure-fandom fic is longer than most of my books... o.O
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