March 10th, 2004


Very Violent Vancouverites

So first a Canuck breaks an Avalanche player's neck, and now it turns out that the lady MLA who told the Liberal caucus to bugger themselves and took off on her own with the other MLA who did the same a while back was once suspended for choking a coworker.

Um. All right. Curious about *that* situation.

Honestly, I can't bring myself to care about the Bertuzzi thing, beyond "oh, the man's poor neck", though he's apparently not paralyzed. But it's sports. Y'know? Just... *shrug*. I was in Zellers last night and the cashier asked me if I'd seen "that Bertuzzi hit" and I was like *nodshrug*, but I had no idea what she was talking about 'til this morning when I picked up the Sun and look, on the front page two of four headlines are about some hockey player beating up on some other hockey player. A third is about a diet pill that also helps you quit smoking. The last, and the only one referring to, y'know, the world, is a teeny-tiny little reference to rising gas prices (apparently they're expected to go up to a dollar per litre within the year - and hey. I don't care about that, either, beyond a certain vindictive satisfaction that well: I guess that core toll isn't so bad now, is it? ;). Two out of four stories. On the front page. I wonder what Noam Chomsky would have to say about *that*. o.O

Oh. Apparently Brenzinger (the lady MLA) was shaking some toadie by the neck 'cause she'd shredded some documents and lied about it. Hrm.

Anyway, the important thing is that she and the other guy (whose name I cannot, for the life of me, remember off the top of my head) announced they're running as independents. As a pair or separately I don't know, but they've got plenty of backing and if they get two more defectors they'll qualify as a party, and then... and then we'll split the bastard Liberals and out they go. The NDP's actually showing promise, too, and even if they don't win they'll pretty much screw the Liberals out of office. (One hopes.) Right now we have basically a dictatorship - No other party has any seats. And... no. We can't have this. Nonono. (I still want Green, but the chances of that happening are... not great. So I'll settle for No Liberals. Or Alliance. *shudder*)

(And you. Yes, you, Belinda Stronach. Don't you go around pretending you're better than Harper. You're just as loony as he is, and we don't want you, either. Piss off. Right now. >.<)

My, oh my. There seems to have been plenty of dissention within the BC Liberal party, doesn't there? Secret suspensions and hushed-up terminations and ooh. Bribery. And isn't it interesting that we've heard of none of it until one big-mouthed MLA goes out swinging? She cited her primary reason for quitting as the Beast himself - called him "destructive". I think I like her. ;)

Well. This is... fascinating. I knew they were useless and clumsy as a party, but if they've also been shady, and it can be proven to the voters' satisfaction... well. That's another matter altogether, isn't it? *rubs hands together in anticipation*

EDIT: I was going to say "Don't even get me started" about the new Iraqi "constitution", but it can really be summed up pretty easily. Two things: First, of *course* Bush is going to enthusiastically back a constitution he wrote himself, even one based on a different state religion. Second, no country with a state religion (on which their "constitution" is openly based!) can ever have anything other than a farce of a democracy. Therefore I say: humbug. >.<

FINAL EDIT: dianahobart? Don't forget that book when you come tonight!
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Oh, my gods. That's a fourteen-year-old Ryan Gosling on Psi Factor. He's been abducted by aliens and his big brother doesn't want him talking about it. Hee. ^.^

New today: The Premiers for Health Campaign

Oh, and screw you, too. I seem to remember a reasonably servicable public health care system a few years ago, with the same bloody level of federal funding. That was... uh... before you sneakily re-allocated all that money to attracting international investors and offering tax cuts to uber-polluting industrialists, remember? I can't speak for the rest of your sorry asses, but you, Gordo, are full of It. Bursting at the seams, in fact.

Hey, I know; how 'bout you stop "allocating" funds to make $30,000 commercial campaigns telling us all about how much money you're saving? Maybe you can use that money for something more socially responsible. >.<

It's ironic that I'm currently watching Snakes and Ladders. It really is.
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