March 9th, 2004


Dry. Yay.

The fixing-things man has come! He is fixing things! Possibly the leak in the ceiling! (Which he actually seems to think has to do with a blocked drain in upstairs' place. I knew it was those bastards' fault, somehow.) He couldn't find any real holes in the balcony, which he says wouldn't make any difference anyway 'cause the space between is lined. If it were holes in the balcony, he says, it wouldn't be leaking nearly so much. Just little drips. Not like the gushing we've been getting. Hmm.

And he doesn't think the wood's been soaked. Just the giproc. Which is all right, 'cause even if it doesn't dry properly (which it has been, more or less, every time it gets soaked) it'll get replaced when they do the big mass fix of our line of units in... uh... June? Sigh. That's a long time. But at least 'til then it won't be leaking actively.

Also: he thinks the water coming in under the wall is actually coming down from above, *inside* the wall. So if the pipe's fixed, the leaking will stop. Even the window. Which is also coming from inside the wall.

Ahah! I hear running-pipe noise above the ceiling leak! Sounds like victory. :)

He walked in and looked at the buckets and the ceiling and the yarn and said "Oh. Wow. That shouldn't be leaking like *that*..."

*eyeroll* Thanks, man. Took three months to get you in here just to get you to admit what we've been saying since then.

Now just to dry the carpet and cross my fingers and toes. *crosses*
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He just spent the last two hours fiddling around and clearing drains - and he can't find the end of this drain right above my room. He's checked all the others, and it's not them. He says he's got to rent some fancy piece of equipment - I don't remember the name - to fix it properly and he can't rent it today - everything being closed. But he's coming back sometime this week with the whatever-the-hell-he-said to try again. He says he's pretty sure the leak is 'cause of a block somewhere in the pipe that drains from the middle of the balcony (my roof) to the garden at ground-level.

Although he did say that Idiot Upstairs Woman has been sweeping pinecones into the drain hole on the balcony, which has been, if not causing, then certainly contributing heavily to the leak. Stupid chit. *glare*

But at least they *know* how bad it is, now, and they're trying to do something about it. *sigh*
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