March 6th, 2004



Argh. I finally have the entire timeline of O, Brave New World plotted out in detail (and in print - in hardcopy, no less, so I don't lose it this time), and the last bit of To Paint the Silence plotted more vaguely, and I've even come up with a general outline and a title for the next story that ties the two together (I called it The Siege of Alesia. Nobody gets it but me. *pout*) All ready to go ahead and finally *finish* this thrice-damned monstrosity that has hounded my every waking moment for the past two years, right?

Except I belatedly remembered a few stray Krane family members who as it turns out *can't* be simply ignored, and I cannot for the life of me remember their names. I'd look them up, but unfortunately not only has the show been cancelled for... uh... three years? Four? But the fandom was never really all that populous or - how do I say this without sounding condescending - zealous? Devoted? Adequately geeky to keep up decent fansites? Okay, I can't say it nicely. The fandom doesn't really exist, and most of what does exist isn't that helpful.

Anyway. I'm reduced to begging my four readers for help, in the hopes that one of them remembers the damned names - and whose sister that woman really is, anyway...

...damn bloody stupid Disney. I blame you. *glares*

Okay. Done rambling. Going to bed.

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