March 4th, 2004


Life lesson: Always smile at old ladies walking their dogs. They almost always smile back.

It's funny - no matter what the weather outside or the time of year, inside David Lam is almost always intolerably warm for at least fifteen minutes after arrival.

I went to my science class and it's all dark and empty. I'm only about eight minutes early... it's strange. Unless there's something going on that I don't know about. And I don't have the syllabus with me. I suppose I should check back, now. I need to hand in my field trip report (which I got done on time, this time, and everything). o.O

And then I'm skipping out to go see The Corporation with dianahobart at Tinseltown, because I want to see it, and I don't care. I am embittered toward the post-secondary system today in general (or maybe just Douglas, mostly) for its abyssmal failure to notify me about Noam Chomsky in time to actually get tickets. Grr. So I will punish them with my absence for today. Except Sociology, which isn't 'til 4pm.

Okay. Going to check science class again, now. Nadja? Will see you at Stadium around twenty-past.
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Argh. Bastards lost my AP transcript again. Or maybe it was never there. Sent irate email to AP people, polite email to Xavier people, because Douglas also lost the StupidUselessEnglish outline I gave them. I think by now I must have emailed everybody at the damn school. The extent of the "course description" up on the site is one line. Grr.


Okay. Going to see movie now.
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Commercial surfing says:

Hey... Amber Benson on Cold Case! For some reason! Which I believe is another crime show! Which I've seen but three times, I think, but meh. And. Oh. Right. That's what Cold Case is about. I remember now.

EDIT: Um. I was going to make a reference that I realized I can't make 'cause I remembered we're taking dianahobart through Buffy episode by episode and that would be spoilerage. But you know what I mean. That. *mope*

EDIT OF EDIT: The Corporation, by the way? As scary as expected. Theatre was full of high school kids. Probablymaybe four of the twenty-something there will even remember the title by tomorrow. Less will remember the milk thing next time they're in the States. (By the way? American milk. Yum. o.O) More kids should get dragged by teachers to such films. When it's just people coming willingly they're preaching to the choir.

It ocurred to me that I should make documentaries. A reasonable blend of MakingMoviesandTV and GivingCrappyFlawedSocietyanEnthusasticKick, I think, one that doesn't involve Me and Direct Involvement in Politics. Now just to figure out the... uh... how. ;)