March 1st, 2004


The fact that they're using the same tactics as Alice Paul is both irritating and ironic.

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The best parts:

Ms. Wood: "They are wrapping themselves in the flag of civil rights." - Oh. You're right. That *is* a devious tactic. Pointing out that you're proposing to violate your own constitution. Bitch.

Rev. Gregory Daniels: "If the K.K.K. opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them." - I don't even know who this idiot is - but would somebody assassinate him, please?

And I'm sorry... but what the hell does religion have to do with this issue?

Reasonably? Nothing whatsoever. Even that psychotic cowboy they call a President hasn't been openly touting the eternal damnation angle because he knows it makes him look like a fucking psycho, as opposed to just an ignorant, bigoted asshole.

Ugh. Get the *fuck* off my continent. >.
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