February 25th, 2004


Just when I thought I had it beaten...

TV Says: Cannot initialize video. (Translation: Help, I can't find the drivers, even though they're right in front of me, help!)
DVD Player Says: Video Rendering Failure
DivX Says: Lag, lag, jolt, lag-whenever-you-make-my-screen-bigger-than-your-palm.
Windows Media Player Says: What he said.
Quicktime Says: Zipzipzip laaaaaag. Zipzipzipzipzip laaaaag zipzip.

Conclusion: There is something buggery about my stupidintegratedgraphicscard. (Quicktime is habitually on crack. The difference in behaviour comes as little surprise.)

This... is new. I don't think a reformat/harddrive switch/softwarewhatever has ever actually actively buggered up the hardware before.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, here, but I'm prepared to blame XP.

*sigh* I'll worry about it tomorrow.

(*selfwhap* You will *not*. You have actual work. School work. The TV isn't *that* important.)

But... but...


*sigh* Going to bed.
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I found it.

It is the graphics card. Apparently it and XP don't get along so well.

Going to kick it 'til it works.

XP. Not the graphics card. The graphics card has always served me well. *pets*

On to war. Wish me luck.
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