February 12th, 2004


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Yeah. So. Hey there, field trip report for which I have no notes or instructions! Screw you.

It's going to be late. I simply do not care. Nope. Five percent. Blah. Change the entire format on us, why don't you. Gah.

So much weekend work...
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Have dropped Math. Feel so veryveryvery much better. Can take a piddly little CISY next semester and then one more science credit and nine more Arts credits and la! I'm off to SFU! And I *still* get a piece of meaningless milestone paper.

(This is a terrible keyboard.)

*sigh of intense relief* No more mathpanic. Ah. ^.^

Now I just have to go pester them about transferring my CeltCiv as an unassigned Arts credit and crediting me on my damn AP and getting through my other two Xavier courses...

Ah. It's good. Feel pleased/relieved/happy. Yay. :D

In EnviroSci today? First words in Gilley's lecture:
"One: During earthquakes, fissures do not open and swallow people.
Two: California is not going to fall into the sea.
Three: Richmond might."

The last point, it should be noted, was greeted with extreme apathy. ;)

Pitt Meadows, built on wetlands filled in with sand, will sink into the ground. Like Jell-o. Really. Just like. My parents' house, though? Fine. On bedrock. Yup. (Do *you* have an earthquake kit? Huh? ;)

Also: I saw ducks today. In the creek behind our house. :)
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