January 22nd, 2004


Because the "Americans Hate Gay Marriage" survey backfiring amused me so *very* much...

...and because I, as a lowly Canadian, did not get to participate in this slow erosion of American society (thought it fair to leave the fun to those actually *living* there ;) and spread the evil pro-homosexual agenda...

(Apparently it's worse to be "pro-homosexual" than actually gay. This amuses me, no end. Though I've yet to figure out how gay marriage "threatens" the hetero kind.)

...my roommate insists that she is doing her part as a pro-homosexual activist by buying Queer as Folk on DVD.

This campaign needs your support.

Do your part. Buy Queer as Folk.

(This has been a public service announcement.)


In Sociology today, we had a mock environmental tribunal, regarding the pollution practices of a pulp paper mill (this industry is, by the by, the most notorious polluter in the country). I was on the government advisory board of three. The mill manager tried to bribe us and then claimed his company couldn't afford the upgrades required to stop killing the fish/town/algae/Natives (the amount needed was 150 million, and he tried to bribe us with a 93 million dollar cheque).

Today, I had a hand in shutting down an evil, polluting corporation, expropriated their facility and gave it to the mill workers to form a co-op with government funding for environmentally-friendly upgrades, and fined the company for twenty years of violating pollution laws to re-imburse the government the expense of supporting the co-op. Job well done, I think.

Now, if only the real world were so simple. ;)
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