January 13th, 2004


CvsE *shudder*ness.

I just wrote one of the scariest scenes I've ever written, and it's all about trying to turn on a lamp.

Sleepwalking. Hah. :P

However: Just one more night to write and then Double, Double is done! Then just three (possibly four) more! *dance*
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Done BC Studies. (I'm pretty sure that the writing style commonly used in academic journals is some kind of hazing/revenge by accomplished academics for the crap they went through getting their Masters'. Evidence continues to mount.)

Now: Sociology.

Aside: groundskeeper? I like your Midnight Angel better than Jimmy's. Less Arkensas. Please don't hurt me. ;)
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Just for a moment, waxing philisophical.

I tend to encounter (and will, I suspect, continue to encounter) a fundamental contradiction between two of my most deeply-held beliefs. On the one hand, I am strongly inclined toward sustainable practices - protective environmentalism, etc. As an animal member of the great interacting and interdependent system that is the Planet Earth, I cannot help but see the force of human ingenuity, human "progress", as a destructive and threatening force - one that threatens, day by day by ever greater degrees, to pollute, degrade, occupy, and eventually collapse that same system.

On the other hand, as a member of human society, as a component in the industrial culture (or at least of a relatively self-absorbed intellectualistic sect therein) and the force it posesses for discovery and change, I view the human consciousness as a staggeringly incredible thing.

Then again, I'm one of those people who anthropomorphizes my pets. ;) (Animism? Me? Heh.)

I suppose I assign my wonder primarily to the ability of the human mind - and any other similar force - to create. Creativity, in all its forms, is a wonderful thing.

Although "wonderful", it should be noted, does not necessarily mean "good".

Okay. Big words. Back to Sociology.

EDIT: *Bloody*. Can't get into credit union site. Bank stole my money! Scandal! o.O

SECOND EDIT: Oh, there it goes. Hey, where the hell's my money, you bastards? >.<
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