January 7th, 2004


For. The love. Of God...

...and any other benevolent deity, would you *please*, Douglas College, call in to the radio stations on whether you're open or closed or *what*? Bloody Yarrow schools have called in. What are you people doing? Picking your noses? Burning newspaper for fuel?

I was woken up by - I don't know what, actually - at around two-thirty. The power was out. I went back to sleep. Was awakened half an hour later when the power came back on. Woke up again at three when the wind started flinging things at the house. Went back to sleep. Woke up again forty-five minutes later when the ceiling started leaking, loudly, at which point the power was gone, again. Got the buckets arranged properly, went back to sleep. Woke up once more when the power came back on for the second time, went back to sleep after turning off computer monitor. Woke up again at about 4:12AM. Power was, again, out. Have been awake since, listening to my little radio switching between CBC, CKNW, and CKWX for school closure info, from 4:18AM to 5:36AM (by the CKNW clock) and writing a letter with a flashlight propped up in my lap. (dragonfly13? You're getting a long letter. The last three pages are me complaining about the radio. Sorry. ;) When the power came back on at... I think it was quarter to six. At which point I checked the Douglas site. Nothing. And now? Still nothing.

Grr. Get off your collective ass, Douglas College. I don't imagine you're still snowed under, but are you flooded? Translink won't tell me if my bus is running. I don't want to stand at the bus stop for half an hour again and their phone line is being crotchety and evasive. >.<

This, for example, is not helpful transit information: Current Conditions - Bus: Winter conditions are causing delays on most bus routes in the system.

Especially as that's what it said yesterday and I don't think they've updated it.

I assume it has been universally inferred that at this point I would prefer to *not* have to bus into New West for my lone 8AM class. Really. Emphatically.

Mission's all closed. *They're* still snowing. But UBC's open, along with everything else in Vancouver. My condolences, dianahobart. At least if you've had as little sleep as I have.

Speak up, Douglas! *kickkickkick*

EDIT: Hey - the Barenaked Ladies are in town March 30th. GM Place, apparently.
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I thought this morning that I might have a cold. Now I'm pretty sure.

Or maybe it's just general crappiness.

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This morning was disgusting. Oh - and the weather service can go bugger themselves. We have *so* got freezing rain. All the trees are sporting a layer of ice about two milimetres thick, and most of them are bending slightly sideways. Poor trees.

dianahobart? Did Faya ever get ahold of you? She wanted to reschedule to Thursday night.
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