December 15th, 2003


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Today's NextGen is the first Dixon Hill episode.

(Picard walks out into police station, sees Crusher wearing 1930s chic)

Picard: *jawdrop* "I must say, you wear it well."
Crusher: "Why, thank you, Mister Hill."
*Picard and Crusher stare at each other with awkward teenage-like silence*

I hate Nemesis. I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. >.<


RoTKTomorrow! :D
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This is why I no longer follow this 'verse. Crap like this.

The episode after the one after Angel returns, and Fred tazers the-little-bastard-Connor. They're going through Cordelia's apartment, and they find framed photgraphs. One of which includes Angel. A vampire, I seem to recall? o.O

I'm sorry. I forgot we left canon and all mythical common sense back in Buffy season three. *beatbeatbeat*
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