December 10th, 2003


Four more hours of instructional time until it's officially a holiday. I can make it.

So. Sewed; mik100's dress for RoTK is almost finished - all but the sleeves and the hem. (dianahobart? If you're anywhere near Dressew before we next see you, she needs lacings. About two metres of brown. Not the dark brown, if you can help it.) One sleeve is partly assembled but not attached. Tomorrow, after exams, I will finish it. And then I will pass out for ten or twenty hours. (And rayinmyrra? If you want to have a cloak at all you're going to have to call me. And get your fabric. Or better yet, actually show up. Where were you all day? Are you alive? You need about eight yards, because you are tall. Eight yards of the outside, eight of the lining. Lots and lots.)

As attested by my semi-coherent post earlier, I ordered a Gryffindor tie, and today it arrived in the mail. Next Halloween I'm makin' me a uniform. I need to find a pattern for the skirt. I've had no luck finding one in thrift stores. I shall therefore resort to making one. Now I need to find me a patch, and make the robes, and find a sweater. Hrm. Good thing I've got a year. ;)

I did a stupid thing on Monday - after running around like a crazy person clearing the credit card, I forgot to pay my tuition on time. Had to go in at eight-thirty the next morning to get it paid, but did. Seems anti-climactic relating it now, actually. The good part here is that I've not been tossed out of all my classes. Yay. :) Seven more Dougie credits to go 'til SFU. $74.30 a credit. Oi.

Tomorrow: English and Philosophy exams. Not even thinking about Philosophy 'til after English. English is at eight in the morning. And I need to prepare an essay. So I'm going to go do that now.

Eight in the morning. *mutters*
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