November 21st, 2003


Speaking of "peace without victory"...

PS: If your computer tells you that this was sent on Friday, it is only because my computer is a vindictive beast that required me to restart it at one minute before midnight.

Don't know if that will make any difference, but I think it'll be all right, anyway. It wasn't *that* late. *sigh* Ah. Finished. Sent. Gotta love a prof who takes e-mail submissions. (I still have to give her a hardcopy on Monday, but at least this way it counts as "in".


I miss my "La!" icon. *goes hunting for it*

I'm actually looking forward (in a way) to my last English paper. Possibly because it's Oscar Wilde. Probably because it's the last paper. ;)

Ye gods. It's the *last* paper. I'll start on... er... Monday? Yes. Sounds good. But until then... I don't really have anything pressing to do, right this instant.

(Go write something, idiot!)

Oh. Right. ;)

EDIT: Just had a few brief moments of panic when I used my last sheet of printer paper...

...until I discovered the fresh ream hiding under the comics. Heh. :)

...which was stupid, anyway, because I could just as easily have printed it out at school. *headshake*

SECOND EDIT: LJ is being all crazy about entry dates. o.O

Note to self: return library books *tomorrow*. So. Late.
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Local Ring-Geeks: Sound off. (Everyone else, ignore.)

This is first stage planning for Return of the King. We have to get tickets SOON, and as we learned last year, it's better to get them in one batch. ;)

So. Anyone coming who wants to get in on the early-ticket-purchasing, comment, e-mail me, or phone. Deadline is Monday, possibly Tuesday if I'm feeling generous. I'll start off the process by putting down myself, and She Whose Card We'll be Using.

1. Ari
2. BigKim

There. See how easy? Now, your turn. :)
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