November 12th, 2003


Was almost one CD short. ONE.

New harddrive installed. Burner installed. Backup complete. And there it is. Everything I've written since I was thirteen, on ten CD-Rs in a little box. *cradles it jealously*
Haven't gotten 'round to the reformat yet, 'cause I just finished the backing up. Reformatting tomorrow.

Oi. That took longer than I'd hoped. Ridiculously longer. I did make cupcakes, though. Haven't eaten any, and didn't get my nap. Damnit. Today has been a catastrophic failure, looking at my list. But! I'm backed up. Tomorrow, or possibly the next day, comes the reformat. And the networking. *glares sullenly in direction of router box*

And now, for the paper. Too many papers this week... *flomp*

Nadja? 'N Jen? Have real food for you tomorrow. At least the refrigerated remains of real food. Macaroni-and-cheese casserole and those veggie things.

EDIT: No, not the pockety-things. The things from Halloween. But gooey-er. I was using up cheese and vegetables.
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Things I didn't get done today that must be done tomorrow:
1-Get up early and finish stupid bloody Reading Response. Also do reviews.
After school,
2-Reformat HDD.
3-Reinstall OS (Clean! It's CLEAN! Bwahahahah!).
4-Move backed-up data back to relative safety of the newer, nicer HDD.
5-With great paranoia, REMEMBER TO SAVE DATA TO THE NEW HDD. Idiot.
6-Install evil router from hell and make network... work. Finally.
7-Finish reading shut up about the mud already Heart of Darkness
8-Go shopping with Nadja 'n Jen to reward self. Yay. :)
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Something that really bugs me about Windows.

You can only customize language settings in processing programs - Word (or OpenOffice, as the case may be ;), Outlook, stuff with spellcheck. The basic programming, though, is set. Internet Explorer, for example. It's "Favorites" instead of "Favourites". And you can't change it.

Drives me crazy when there's incorrect spelling in the bloody *title bars*. Almost as much as recently in the word processing progs, as everything's been buggering up in anticipation of being reformatted, and it keeps defaulting back to US English when I'm working, and the computer insists that it's "favorites". Argh. >.
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Uncharacteristically good mood.

That's about my motto for today. I'm having a good day. And why is that? Well, I finished my "essay" for Creative Writing, and today I a) get back the story that I think is the best work I've done for the class, so far, and b)I'm anticipating an A, at least - mostly because it's the first time Hackass has voiced unqualified approval: that is, said "I like it, it's good," without niggling over format or structure. I think that's probably because it's a novel chapter, and you can make more mistakes, because there's... like... 50,000 words in which to correct any bugger-up you might make in chapter one. *shrug* Ah, well. Revision folder, ahoy. That second story *did* have too many mentions of "lavender". (I was pressed for time, all right? :P)

I've written two papers in the course of three days, only one of which qualifies, really, as an essay, but what the hell? I did well enough. I'm content with it - in that I didn't care, all *that* much. Only two more essays and two more midterms before finals. On the home stretch, with a 3.7 GPA. Almost finished. This semester. ;)

I made cupcakes last night, and supper, a *real* meal, too, while backing up my harddrive and installing hardware. Successfully multitasking always makes me feel uber-competent. Don't know why, exactly. But I didn't burn anything (except the CDs) and I cleaned up (though the kitchen isn't *clean*, per se, but it ain't my mess), and I backed up all my data without losing or corrupting anything, and I managed, most importantly, to install not only a CDRW drive but a harddrive without causing anything to spark, smoke, or combust. And I *hate* physical installations. They scare the hell out of me. All those fiddly little bits that can muck up *everything* if anything's done wrong by *one* pin? Just as traumatising as backing up. Don't trust anything as concrete as CD, especially knowing how fallible they are. Feel safer having things in my head or in suspension on a drive, as it were. Hate it. But did it. Pleased with myself.

And lastly, today is Jen Day! *And* Nadia Day! Together! At once!

It's sad, I know. I need more friends. Or closer friends. ;)

But still! :D

Have class in about six minutes (finally got the Douglas puters to let me onto the net - before, they were being stubborn), where I will take notes in Geography without boredom, and listen to endless nattering about mediocre fiction without (excessive) impatience (at least, I'll try), because today I get my story back, and that's really my only motivation for actually showing up in that class. It's all about my ego. But I *like* feedback. :)

I want to teach. I want to teach history. Twentieth-century, I think. But also want to study English, for its own sake, and Mythology, for its usefulness to my writing, *and* its own sake. Sigh. Too many things I'd love to do. But it's all about helping people to understand... about everything. ^.^

Off to class. With a mood this good something awful's bound to happen - always does. But I'm bloody well going to milk it while it lasts.
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