November 1st, 2003


House cold.

Current attire:
-floopy butterfly pants
-tank top
-thermal socks

Soon: blanket.

Will not turn on the heat. You can't make me. Screw you, BC Hydro! :P

Going to bed. Really.

Ack. NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow. *facepalm*
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Thefted from nostalgia_lj

We have confused respecting a person’s right to hold whatever religious beliefs they choose with respecting those beliefs. The truth is there are plenty of [deeply held religious beliefs] that are simply not worthy of our respect. Can we start with the ones that have no respect for us? Can you imagine an African-American respecting someone’s [deeply held religious belief] that the Bible justifies slavery? Grant the right to believe it, yes. Respect the belief itself? No way. -- David Lee, creator of Frasier (I think)

Good article. Read article.
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(no subject)

Fisher Price just released a line of baby-like dolls/accessories called - get ready for it -

Little Mommy.


They could've put a fourteen-year-old in the place of the six-year-old actress and it would have made precious little difference. Stuff like this is why North America contributes so heavily to global overpopulation. >.<

The Little Mommy commercial was immediately followed by an ad for something called Girl Crush Lip Gloss Maker. Exactly what it sounds like. Pink. You can add glitter.


Excuse me. I'm going to retreat into childhood and watch Rugrats now. Less disturbing.
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