October 28th, 2003


Today's Next Gen: Worf Spits Acid, and Barclay Becomes an Arachnid

Crusher: "You know, Reg, this is an entirely new disease, and it's traditional to name a new disease after the first diagnosed patient."

Barclay: "You mean... you want to name the disease... after... me?"

Crusher: "How about 'Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome?"

Barclay: "...it... has a nice ring to it. Thank you, Doctor." *walks off*

Crusher: (to Troi) "He transformed into a spider, and now he has a disease named after him."


Troi: "I think I'd better clear my calendar for the next few weeks."

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Hee hee hee. ^.^

Tonight's Voyager was the one where they find Icheb's parents (who, as it turns out, genetically engineered him as a weapon and had him assimilated on purpose and try to kill him again). There's an absolutely adorable scene with all the Voyager kids sitting 'round in the cargo bay. Icheb is "studying" at a console, and Mzati is rolling around on what looks for all the world like a scooter, and Naomi and The Twins (whose names I will never, ever remember, because really, they're just space-filler) are sitting at a table playing that game with the red and green magnetic tiles (Kadascot, or Cadosgot, or something like that), and they're all pestering Icheb about his parents: what do they look like, is his mother pretty, is he going to stay with them - and Icheb, in very normal oldest kid/teenage boy fashion, glares and tells them that if they don't stop asking questions, he's going to shut them all in a cargo container and transport them back to the Borg. And Mzati, I think, though I won't swear to it, makes a face at him. It's the cutest Voyager kid moment ever. ;)
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