August 28th, 2003


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I finally did a decent character sketch of Arrah. Problem: no scanner. Grrr. >.<

Should find public library tomorrow and cheerfully abuse a public resource. (*hopes Visa makes an appearance - should also buy books*)


It's... three AM again. Well, could be worse. Going to bed. Though first, perhaps, food. lilymc brought us brownies. ^.^

Hmm. This song is weirdly lullaby-like. o.O
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Take that, world.

Am inordinately proud of myself - Shaw bill arrived today, and when I opened it it was double what it was supposed to be. So I phoned, and I sat on hold for an hour, and then I talked to a rep who told me that our "first month free" thing hadn't been applied, nor had the cheque I gave them for the cable modem - which *still* hasn't come out of my account. *glare*

But I triumphed! Well, less so much "triumphed" as "needled" - the rep was both friendly and fluent in English, so I couldn't bring myself to be actually annoyed. But yay! I wrangled the bill! ^.^

No credit card, though. :(

Anyway. To breakfa-- er, late lunch. ;)
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