August 24th, 2003


Little Things

I actually left the house today - I was about to congratulate myself, until I realized how pathetic it was that this should seem like a qualifiable accomplishment. So, yes. My life has become utterly mundane. I don't know why, but this actually happens every summer, regardless of other circumstance. In about the two weeks preceding school, everything seems mind-numbingly boring. And even writing does not fill the void the way it usually does - possibly because I write best when I'm writing to procrastinate. Stolen time. Lends an air to illegitimacy to everything I've written in the past four years, actually. o.O

Still considering the three-day novel contest, though I don't know where I'd get the entry fee. Think my head might actually explode but considering it for the challenge. Plan to blame lisew if my head *does* explode. ;)

Mum brought Grampa to see the new place last night - fair, as he lent me the money that let us get the place. He said it was nicer than the first apartment he had with my grandma, which was actually less than five blocks from here. Then Mum asked if I'd been to the library yet, and I said no, I would, but the nearest public library is the Terry Fox on Mary Hill Road, which is *not* really walking distance. I need my bike so desperately. In general I like walking, but I like it more in autumn when it's windy and cool and much less in August when being outside for more than eight consecutive minutes means I'll burn and/or melt. I wish summer would just be over already, for more reasons than one. I feel all cut off and isolated, and I suppose I'm going to have to find some way to get me some bus tickets, because I'm going insane with boredom. Actually.

The aphids in the garden are not capitulating, even after repeated offensives. >.<

I know it's four in the morning. Four in the morning keeps sneaking up on me when I'm not looking.
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