July 6th, 2003


Thought this might interest groundskeeper, at least...

...and also really wanted to share this extremely well-timed stroking of my ego.

mik100 was over, trawling her friendslist, and all of a sudden she went "SQUEE!" really loudly and I got up to see what had made her squee...

...I made a whole series of icons for a couple of my songs - posted 'em on iconaddicts. People asked what the lyrics were from, and I told them, and linked Rain Dancing... and to my pleasant surprise, not only did a couple of people actually download the bloody song, but this person (I hope they don't mind the link) actually wrote a story based on Watching Me Sleep. Spelled my name wrong, but called the song "badass", so we'll let it go. ;)

*basks briefly in glow of own ego*

*ahem* Heh. Done now. ;)
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Y'know? Praise from total strangers with no biases is strangely potent. ;)

I haven't been this ridiculously pleased with myself since I won the district public speaking contest in grade four. And really, that was a pretty crappy speech.

...meh. :D

*resumes happy spinning*
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Do you know what is the most disgusting thing about mosquitoes? When you catch them in the act and then, after reaping the inevitable consequence of trying to feed on the wary, there's a little smear of your own blood - and it seems an unlikely amount for such a tiny, evil little insect.

*eyes seemingly empty room warily*

I know you're there, you little bastards. >.<

EDIT: Agh. They're everywhere. This house needs airlocks or something...
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I had a Lupin dream last night. I call it a Lupin dream because there was lots of Lupin dialogue. He was being very angsty. There was some kind of party in my back yard with most of the Hogwarts staff and a whole lot of other people, and Lupin kept having to leave because the cops kept showing up, and Hermione kept getting mad because the cops shouldn't even have been able to see the house, 'cause she'd tried to make it Unplottable, and then McGonnagal laughed at her and told her that was a seventh-year spell and she mustn't have done it right...

...and every time he left he came and apologized me for being so rude. It was very strange.

I think maybe Lupin's trying to get me to finish that fic. Hrm. ;)

(I almost put down the actual title but then realized that it's a minor spoiler and Nadia hasn't finished OotP yet. Damn you, Nadia! *shakes fist*)

I woke up and there was a badminton net hanging from the top bunk, and I couldn't get out. As I was half-awake, I reached over for my cell and called Mum, and asked "Why is there a net?"

She laughed. She said she was trying to "catch me before I left". I think she was just bored. She is a twisted, evil woman. Though I'm thinking maybe the net had something to do with the part of the dream where no one could go out the front door due to the giant green spider web stretched across the door frame. o.O
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