July 1st, 2003


And tomorrow, I clean out my hosted files. Too much obsolete garbage. *firm nod*

Pretty. In a spooky sort of way.

None of the links work yet, but hey! Look! I got off my ass and actually built it, anyway.
And hah! That's every subsite off Fantasi done, except Dash. Bwahah. Eight subsites. I rock. ;)

Definitely time, though, to tidy up my file structure. Too. Much. Junk. I can delete files. I *can*.

...no, it is in fact *not* four in the morning, and I am definitely *not* still up. :P
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*inordinately pleased with self* (The Happy Canada Day entry)

Done the update, cha cha cha. ;) Not only is Crystal Shades more or less finished (The Subreality and Icons pages are done - the Mary Sue and Fanfiction Miscellaneous aren't, 'cause there's too much stuff to index tonight and I'm sleepy.), new and improved, but I actually did a good cleaning of the file structure, both on the server and on my hard drive. I *deleted* things. Applaud for me. I have this intense phobia of throwing things away (Is there a scientific term for that?). Even things that have been sitting on my harddrive forever and haven't seen the light of day in over six years. Ye gods, was Crystal Shades version 1 ever ugly. *cringe*

All the subsites in their proper folders. Go, me. Hee. No more fifty-zillion-megabyte public_html folder for me. :)

And it's not even midnight yet. Hah.

I deleted things! :D


I went to the Canada Day stuff in downtown Maple Ridge ("Downtown". Hah! :P) this afternoon - I hate it down there (it's that whole "soul-sucking quasi-urban hellhole ambiance), but Mum made me go 'cause littlestsis was performing with her dance school in front of the new Arts Centre. And ye gods were there ever a lot of over-costumed half-assed little dance kids and their Dance Parents. (Did that sound cynical? Oops. ;) Every school in Maple Ridge must have shown up (and a few from Pitt Meadows, too, I think - they don't really have much of a Downtown Core in which to do this kind of thing). Then there were oodles of Cheap One-day Patriotism Garbage stands. Despite the soul-sucking-hellhole thing, the Core Project really has done *some* good, anyway - it looks completely different from everything else for six blocks in every direction. Which could only be good, really. The new library is still kinda shiny and out-of-place; but there's a coffee shop (Gellatto shop? Bakery thingamy? I have no idea.) that takes up half of one side of the little square thing. It's not bad, I suppose. I still miss the duckpond and all the GIGANTIC FIFTY-YEAR-OLD TREES THEY MOWED DOWN TO REPLACE WITH CAREFULLY-EVEN TURF AND NASTY, FAKE, MANICURED FLOWERBEDS. I hate those. With a passion. >.< The weather couldn't decide what to do with itself - it kept vacillating between cloudy/drizzly and Boiling Hot Sun, the latter of which made it extremely difficult to actually see, let alone watch the dancers, especially given how sparkly some of them were. And then there were periods when it did both. Gotta love Southwestern BC. o.O

On another note, wondrous though the Shiny New Arts Centre may be, I hope (snip from mik100) that the Arts Council all choke on the same piece of toast. It's all made up of grandparents and parents of the Culturally Aware, which in this town equates with "comes from a pioneer family and has donated obscene amounts of money to the municipality in order to avoid land disputes", or "is a Peggy Peat parent". (Peggy Peat's is a dance school that teaches mostly rich kids. The Hannah Bellaro Dance Studio in Peacemaker? That's Peggy Peat's. But meaner. I won't go into Why I Hate Peggy Peat just now, but let me put it this way: Shiny Costumes Cover Up Crappy Teaching. Also, I hate that woman. Bitches. >.<) Which means that nobody *but* their relatives/friends/hangers-on gets to take part in *anything* concerning the Shiny New Arts Centre. Which really pisses me off. We waited four years for the goddamned Arts Centre to be finished, and we had to fight just to be allowed to put dancers in the Canada Day celebrations. Pisses me off even more now that I *do* vote municipally and *am* paying taxes. *grumblemuttersnarl*

And... damn. I sunburned, after all. Ow, ow, ow.

Nothing beyond this point will likely interest anyone non-IRL. :)

One good thing about the afternoon, though - Mum, Ki and I ran into our old neighbours, the Barringtons, minus Robert, the youngest Barrington. We wouldn't have found them at all if Amy hadn't come running out the door waving at us. BarringtonMum Cathy was singing in the coffee shop with (I think) her band, though I don't know and can't remember - the last time I knew much about Cathy's band was four Canada Days ago when she roped me in to sing the French version of Oh Canada to open the celebrations at the Bandstand... same celebration, before the Downtown Core. Not quite as big.

Dave was fiddling on a palm pilot the whole time his mum was singing - we talked about school. Well. My school, anyway. He said he'd been thinking of going into the same program I did, but it was too expensive. No shit. ;) And hey, Nadia? Guess what Dave's doing next year: He told me he was going to take courses to become a pilot. I found this strangely amusing, but in a good way. Heh. :) Right before we left he whipped out his palm pilot again and took down my website address. I think he just wanted to remind us of its presence. ;) (Also? Amy is now taller than me. Which makes me almost glad Robert wasn't there, because he's a thirteen-year-old boy and that would be worse. Sigh.) All in all, though, it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day. :)

It's not quite midnight - maybe I can still catch DS9. And look! I'm saying good night while it's still technically night!

...don't get used to it. :P
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